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It texts you each morning so you know when gran opens her fridge for breakfast.

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Get a message, so you know everything is OK.

1. Stick it on

1. Stick it on

Simply stick the fridge magnet onto your loved one’s fridge.

2. Add your phone number

2. Add your phone number

The eFridgeMagnet will send you text messages or WhatsApp messages.

3. Be reassured

3. Be reassured

You’ll now know when your older parent has gotten up for breakfast.

*If you wish to return it during the 1 month risk-free trial, send it back within the month and we’ll refund all payments in full.

What do I get with the subscription?

An eFridgeMagnet subscription gives you daily reassurance that your granma or mum is safe and sound.  
The “Home without Internet” service also includes a wireless data plan, so your eFridgeMagnet can stay connected. 

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